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Star Jaguar – A review of the novel ‘Sword of Conquest’


“Against all odds, a seed rises from darkness and beautifies the universe.” – Matshona Dhliwayo


Richard Dawes’ novel, ‘Sword of Conquest’, is the latest installment in the ‘Wolf Slayer Saga’ series. The Kingdom of Eleatis is in turmoil. King Amphisus’ brother has usurped the throne. Even though he still has his chief retainer and fearsome fighter, Titus, by his side, the odds still look bleak. This is where Valka the Wolf Slayer makes his grand entry. In addition to this, wise scholar Kukulcan makes his reappearance in this chronicle. On his way to Mesoamerica, he enlists Valka’s aid in what at first sight seems to be a suicide mission. Valkamust help the Toltecs dispose of a murderous clan of marauding invaders known as the Nahuas. As he sets about fulfilling his task, Valka discovers that victory will demand sacrifices and overcoming challenges that are beyond his wildest nightmares.


History comes to life in the writing, and the political and religious aspects of the life of the people clearly shine through. Sword of Conquest has a good narrative flow, which includes breathtaking action and deep and insightful dialogue pieces, all told within the political backdrop of the time and place.


Richard Dawes has taken a big gamble by telling such a complex tale involving multiple story lines that cut across different genres while including distinct and deep characterizations. But he has done a splendid job in taking the reader to the turbulent world of war and strife with a fascinating and fact-based tale.


If you love books that are about war, swords and fighting, this is the novel for you. You will appreciate that it goes into detail about war, the strategies, the ins and out of how war is fought. You will also like the politics mentioned in the book, it’s not over done and the scenes in fact come alive because of it.


There is one thing consistent in Richard Dawes’ novels - amazing world building. The descriptions of the rituals and fashions of the different lands were wonderful, and you will appreciate this more if you like books that have the power to take you away from everyday life.


Even though the plot is complex, the characterizations are strong, which we have come to expect from any book written by Richard Dawes. In the midst of many characters, however, it is Valka the Wolf Slayer, who is one of the most intriguing characters in fiction today, who makes this book a mesmerizing read. Although this is a story in a series, it has its own slow pay-off, and can be read on its own, as the main character has a well defined arc, and it’s fun to accompany him on his adventures.


Even if you are a fan of this series and are familiar with the style used here, you will still encounter many surprising revelations. Sword of Conquest pumps up the adrenaline, keeping the reader eager for the next volume. I highly recommend this novel.


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Product Details Paperback: 192 pages



Publisher: Melange Books, LLC; First edition (March 20, 2018)






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