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The light reflection – A review of ‘Sufi Prayer & Love’


“Verily, knowledge is a lock and its key is the question” - Imam Ja'Far Al-Sadiq


Before we start talking about the merits and demerits of this book, first let us address the principal component the book discusses in great detail – prayer. So what exactly is a prayer? We human beings have many wants and needs and to make these come to fruition (obviously we have to put in some kind of physical effort towards its realization) we send out these thoughts, hoping they will come true. We believe only a divine power has the ability to listen to these thoughts and respond favorably to them. It has long been advocated that if you send out positive vibes out into the universe then you will get back positivity in your life and vice-versa. People hint at a scientific sphere to its explanation as well. Wherein the electrical impulses from our brain carrying our wants from the deepest part of our consciousness flame out of our body and transcend the physical dimensions of space and time and reach a superior power or energy that intercepts these signals and responds accordingly.


This is the year 2016 and we have come a long way from the primitive ways our ancestors lived. The changes and developments haven’t been limited to technology and machines alone. The wealth of knowledge has increased, so has the awareness of its priceless value. Increased exposure and interaction with other people from different cultures has also expanded our consciousness. And our brains are hard at work like never before in trying to find out the mysteries of life and the purpose of one’s existence on this planet. And often it is those ancient religious texts we refer to, to aid in our search. One such text is Sufism, which portrays human beings in a central and favorable position in relation to God. Sufism isn’t a religion; it merely shows you the various holistic measures by which we can get closer to the truth and oneness that all religions pertain to when they talk about a God.


Ahmad Javid through this wonderful book has managed to raise and answer some important questions. Questions such as, what it means to be a human being, what is this reality that we come across every day. The importance of our past and the significance of our present and the future it will bring forth. Understanding Allah or God better and the love we should shower Him with and the love He has for us. This isn’t a book just for the Muslims, this is a book that all of humanity should read and refer to as a guide to understanding the ultimate truth and reality.

Sufi Prayer and Love addresses two key factors - The supreme power that we refer to as God and its children, the humanity. This ‘god’ isn’t a person up in the sky handing out favors and punishments. It is the truth and the only true reality of our existence. And it is up to ‘man’ to join this ‘god’ and wake up to the limitless possibilities of true love and goodness available inside him. This is the truth this book alludes to and has explained in great detail in full harmony with the school of Sufism.



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