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Press Release - The Crossbow Code





06 March 2016 | Bengaluru


MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit novel – The Crossbow Code


Provocative and controversial at times, author MC Raj’s pen takes on the mighty and holy in our land


The Crossbow Code’ is a fictional story set in the past but is one that has it bearings in the present of today and perhaps of the conceivable future. Set across three different continents and as many countries, we follow a man, a stranger amidst a sea of humanity, a man named Kris. He is a provocateur, a philosopher, a man of ideas and higher ideals. In his adventures he interacts with various men, some ordinary while others some of the most notable figures from the history of mankind. Through his provocations we get to see and understand the other side of the heroes and institutions that we adore so much. Kris is a revolutionary, a warrior poet who will cause many uprisings through his questions and also through the answers that he provides.


It’s no secret that our world society has become a place obsessed with instant gratification and reliance on distractive elements to take our focus away from the real world, and the harshness and pain that it brings. People are uncomfortable sitting still and listening to their own thoughts and their worries about the future, and so they have immersed themselves in their phone, internet and mindless entertainment. This is where books like these help in popping the bubble we surround ourselves in and expose us to the truth of the reality around us.


Praise for the book –


“While some may find the ending of the book rather abrupt, I thought it was masterful and remindful of the overall theme of the book. Everything was nicely brought together in the last few pages.” – Sharma, an avid reader


“The book does a great job in introducing us to a section of humanity, the group of people who don’t make the headlines of any mass media entity – those invincible groups who suffer quietly and mourn their fates silently.” – Estephan, an activist


“It is in your face, edgy, and witty. The discourses on faith, belief and religion should blow away your mind.” – Marcus, an author


We also spoke with a few readers at a popular online book forum about the book and they all had wonderful things to say about the novel. A reader Shania said, “There are a lot of debates within the story between Kris and a variety of colorful characters; they are enlightening, revealing and exceptional in their execution.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for Moterwriter.com said that The Crossbow Code has a lyrical prose that is pure pleasure to read. He also said that books like these are a call to throw away outdated doctrines and false assumptions that takes away freedom and liberty from a section of the people. “There’s a heady mix of social satire and meta commentary within these pages. It takes potshots at every conceivable entity and dogma that’s considered holier than thou in our land.”


About the author:


M C Raj is a well-known writer in India with more than 21 published books. He writes on philosophy, psychology, spirituality, politics, and fiction also. This is his Ninth novel. He is a frequent international traveler, giving lectures at different universities and conferences. He is a reputed social and political campaigner who combines a rare intellectualism with his activism. He is an environmentalist who has got the first ever pro-Dalit CDM project registered with the UNFCCC. Having done six researches in Germany, Norway, Nepal, the Netherlands, Finland and New Zealand, he has initiated and leads a major Campaign (CERI) for Proportional Representation System in India (CERI). He has started the first ever Adijan Ashram in India and lives there. He has received an International Literary Award from the US and was honored by Claire Shot in Birmingham for a huge volume of 820 pages that he wrote. Students have done their doctoral thesis on his literary work. Connect with him at – http://mcrajauthor.com/


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