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Q & A with Patty Lesser author of – Devouring Time



Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author Patty Lesser and got her to talk a little about her latest novel Devouring Time. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.


Kevin Peter: We meet again! What’s new in your life since we last talked?


Patty Lesser: My website has been rebuilt and it just recently went live. I’m very proud of it. www.pattylesser.com


KP: Any reason why you chose ‘Devouring Time’ as the book’s title?


PL: When I can’t think of a title, I read Shakespeare’s sonnets. The title was found there. I needed a something to portray time. The whole novel takes place over 24 hours.


KP: What’s it about, give us the short take?


PL: It’s about an historic Canadian family embroiled in the art world who await the appearance of a mysterious package from their ancestor from England.


KP: What sparked this novel, that centers around a large family and a mysterious death?


PL: I began writing this novel many years ago. I have no idea why I wrote it. It just developed on its own. I love art and the art world so wanted to write a novel based on art. The family just appeared on its own and a death was needed.


KP: I felt that the writing style you employed in this book was strikingly different from your previous books. Was that a conscious decision or did the genre initiate such a reaction?


PL: To be honest, the style just proceeded on it’s own. I feel all my novels are a different style. That’s not planned. It’s just how the novel turns out.


KP: How difficult was it to create the large and complex family tree found in this book?


PL: I actually drew the family tree before writing the novel. I wanted to incorporate it into the book but couldn’t find a good way to do that. Do you feel it’s missing?


KP: Explain to us the character of Marcus Tate?



PL: My best friend’s husband in England is Marcus though he’s nothing like my Marcus. I wanted him to be an arrogant man who finds himself overwhelmed by the Blackbourne family. The novel is from his point of view as an outsider like the reader.


KP: Without giving away the ending, do you think readers will be surprised by Marcus’s action at the end of the book?


PL: No I think it’s just a natural progression and I love happy endings.


KP: What was the level of research involved to get all the background information about paintings and the art scene?


PL: Most of the art described in the book are from my own experiences. I have visited many art galleries over the years and have studied Canadian art. But, yes, some research was required.


KP: You seem to enjoy putting your characters in morally precarious situations and see how they react. Comments.


PL: I love a good challenge so my characters must fight to succeed in life. It’s the best way to portray change and growth.


KP: I think readers would be interested in knowing the future of the three M’s – Margaret, Marcus and the mansion. Would you consider writing a sequel to it in the future?


PL: A sequel has been suggested to me but I find it difficult to write sequels since I put all my best material into the first novel. I will keep it in mind and think about possible situations but no plans to write a sequel at the moment.


KP: Do you feel honesty is the highest virtue that there is. And should it be upheld even at the cost of it ruining you or the ones you love?


PL: Yes. Honesty is very important to me both in my stories and in real life. I don’t like falsehood or lies. I like my characters to have a certain moral value which means always being honest.


KP: How do you unwind, especially after writing something that’s mentally and emotionally draining?


PL: To be honest, I smoke some pot and write. I find writing relaxing and when the words flow, it is the greatest feeling of all.



KP: What's the best part about your career as a writer? And the most difficult?


PL: The best part is how much I love writing and creating a story. With each novel I publish, my skills improve. The most difficult part is the marketing and getting people to buy your books.


KP: What are you working on right now?


PL: My new novel is a modern version of the Book of Esther from the Bible. I keep faithful to the biblical story but bring it into the present time.


KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time Patty Lesser and all the very best for your book.


PL: Thanks Kevin. I appreciate the interview. Have a great day.


Connect with her - http://www.pattylesser.com/


Buy From - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C4HAW4K/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb