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05 February 2016 | New York City


MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the hit novella – The Page


From accomplished playwright and novelist Gordon Osmond comes a brand new fiction chronicling the coming of age of a young man within the politics, power and policy-making world of Washington, D.C.


The Page is a satirical and yet sincere take on the families and businesses affected by the misuse of the Environmental Protection Agency’s policies. Candy and Jim Lovett run a successful fashion apparels manufacturing business. But they lose all their money when the powers at Washington D.C. propel a new law, making business houses liable to clean up polluted sites near them. That’s when Cameron, Candy and Jim’s only son decides to enlist himself as a page to the senator directly responsible for this misstep.


The powerbrokers and the policy makers at Capitol Hill have everything at their disposal except for one thing – conscience. Everyone’s in a hurry over there, there are plenty of ladders to scramble up on and good ol’ money is in plenty. Cameron Lovett takes employment as a senator’s personal page, and he quickly establishes himself as a rising star within their circle; someone who has no time to waste and no intent to slow down. Or so they all thought; because when Cameron puts his plan into action, even the experienced heads at the Hill are left dumbfounded.


Praise for the book –


“Osmond’s writing introduces unique traits that make him stand above the rest. He is a gifted storyteller with a polished style that not only entertains the reader but also educates…” - Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer


Nick Wale from ‘Novel Ideas Ltd.’ had this to say, “The new Osmond novel has the style, wit, and finesse of a man who has much to say — and the talent to say it, in ways that will leave you gripping the pages, turning them as quickly as you can…”


“The author shows an impressive versatility in moving from the microcosm to the macrocosm, tackling larger issues of national and global values, while also taking the time to develop engaging and memorable characters…” - A reader, who got to review the ARC


James F. Broderick, Ph.D., author and a university professor says, “The knowing tone and confident dissection of both the physical and psychic landscape of Washington is thrilling… authoritative… trenchant social commentary… a mini-masterpiece of intrigue, deceit, and politics -- a clash of conscience in the often unconscionable world of high-stakes deal making… true wit and élan…”


According to writer and reviewer John J. Staughton, "The Page hit on universal issues that we can all relate to, in one way or another, which is valuable in any novel. Furthermore, for an author to achieve that with concise, clean prose that conjures up provocative, unforgettable scenes with characters we actually care about… well, that’s just great writing.”


Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for Moterwriter.com said that, “Osmond is a linguist’s delight, a master wordsmith, and a grammar Nazi all rolled into one. The author’s ability to put a smile on your face and induce a LOL moment when you’re least expecting it makes The Page an absolute must read.”


About the author:


Gordon Osmond is the author of eight produced stage plays, three published novels, published guides to sports and the English language, and an “unauthorized autobiography.” For a few decades, in his spare time, he practiced law in New York City.


He now lives on an idyllic Brazilian beach with his husband, two equally adorable cats, and his beloved quill.


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