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Press Release - One Helluva Life




26 November 2015 | Albuquerque, New Mexico

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the hit memoir – One Helluva Life

A time capsule that lets you relive the past through the extraordinary life adventures of a Naval Pilot.


One Helluva Life’ is a searing and inspiring autobiographical account of Roger Blake, a US Navy Veteran commissioned as a Naval Flight Officer in 1964. In this candid memoir, he narrates his experiences working as Radar Intercept Officer onboard fighter/bombers for the Navy during the Vietnam War and the various life battles he fought after landing back on home soil. This autobiography captures a Navy Veteran’s life-long struggle with PTSD and also the positive outcomes he realized by dabbling in various creative pursuits. These pursuits ultimately became the panacea to overcome his mental trauma and see life in a new light. His experiences in combat and the personal struggles he faced head on are neatly separated into readable segments and narrated in an honest voice that will tug at your heart strings.


Roger Blake has held various jobs both small and significant throughout his life and they all have contributed immensely to the person he has become today. Women too have played an important part in Roger’s life. He has loved them and been the recipient of their love and affection on many occasions, and its effect on his life is well documented in this memoir. This autobiography includes Roger’s original artworks and photographs, which showcase his creative musings and offers a glimpse into his artistic spirit.


Looking back at the life he has described here, one can surmise that the title ‘One Helluva Life’ is the most apt line to describe this memoir. Roger’s honest voice isn’t a recent acquisition and his life experiences support this fact; his generosity, honesty and kindness to others is well documented. And call it fate or Karma, but he has got plenty of it in return from absolute strangers as well. These incidents described here are sure to leave you teary eyed.


Even when things haven’t gone according to plan, Roger has always looked at life in a positive manner. Even though there is a lot of humor and witty remarks, Roger has rightfully questioned and is critical of many political and cultural episodes especially in relation to the war and its aftermath.


“None of my many, many jobs ever compare to the passion and fulfillment that I receive from art and writing. My life has been a pursuit of creativity wherever I could find it. Another apt description would be a tattered masterpiece of jobs and relationships that should have worked but never did.” - Roger Blake


We spoke with a group of readers at a popular book website about the memoir and a young member, Scott said, "The way Roger managed to hold his head high without being overwhelmed by the sheer scale of events that worked against him is absolutely inspiring to read.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for Moterwriter.com said that as the book’s narrative progresses, you can sense and feel the changes happening within the social, economic and political landscape of America over the years. “Roger has an alarmingly honest voice when it comes to describing his professional and personal life; he doesn’t hold back and shares the bouquets and brickbats he has received in his life.”


About the author:


Roger Blake’s careers have included flying in the Navy, commercial real estate and truck driving – all interspersed with periods when he dropped out to survive doing other things – like being a waiter, jeep tour driver, cabbie, bartender, inn keeper, gallery owner, car salesman, photographer and artist.


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