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Q & A with Patty Lesser



Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author Patty Lesser and got her to talk a little about her book A Discerning Heart. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.



Kevin Peter: Tell us something about yourself and what you do?


Patty Lesser: I’m a full time author. I work 7 hours a day, 7 days a week. I only take days off when I can’t work. I’m always working on a novel. If I get stuck with one, I move to another and work on it for a while.


KP: ‘A Discerning Heart’ – give the short take on it?


PL: It’s about a poor man who dreams of becoming rich and famous. He sets out to achieve greatness only to fall victim to the mighty ocean. Saved by a mermaid, his life changes.


KP: What was the inspiration behind this book?


PL: I was chatting with a guy named Jim who said I should marry a rich fisherman. I said only a poor fisherman would want me and then Dim Jim was born.


KP: Tell us something about your main characters Jim & Merrow?


PL: Jim and Merrow are completely fictitious and totally my imagination. They developed naturally as the novel progressed. Of course, part of them is me behaving as if I was them.


KP: Jim and Merrow aren’t exactly role model material. Are you apprehensive about how readers will react to them?


PL: No. People fell in love with Thomas Hardy’s characters even though they were terminally flawed. I hope my novel reminds people of Hardy.


KP: What kind of research did you have to undertake for this book and were there any reference points that you relied upon?


PL: Actually, the whole book is completely my imagination with some historical references I researched. I love history so I had some background in the genre.


KP: Was there any specific thought/idea/message that you wanted to explore with this novel?


PL: I wrote a novel with a thought to Thomas Hardy’s novels as well as the Count de Monte Cristo by Dumas. I wanted to explore humanity.


KP: If given a choice, would you choose to spend the rest of your life alone in a utopian island with a beautiful mate or would you want the cacophony that a civilization brings and the company of a variety of people?


PL: Being alone on a deserted island with a mate is very romantic and idealistic but it isn’t realistic. No one could survive that way. We need people around us to bring a difference to our lives. We need change and excitement or life would stagnate.


KP: Do you read other author’s works while writing? Authors claim it can serve as both an inspiration and a distraction.


PL: To be honest, I’ve been working on 3 books for the past few months. I haven’t done much reading except for my own stuff which has taken my whole concentration. I find it a distraction to read other novels.


KP: The story inside the story about pirate captain Frank Sexton. Do you see yourself developing that thread into a full blown book in the future?


PL: No sequel will come from this book. I’m not much into sequels. I love pirate stories but don’t believe I could do justice to the story. If you want to see pirates, I would just recommend the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


KP: The last book you’ve read that you would recommend?


PL: I highly recommend the memoir, And Then There Were Nun by Jane Christmas.


KP: What’s next for you?


PL: My thriller novel, The Perfect Hand, is finished and off to the editor. It should be ready for publishing in a couple of months. It’s about 5 poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy.


KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time Patty Lesser and all the very best for your book.


PL: Thank you for the interview.



Connect with her at – http://www.pattylesser.com/



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