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Reunion – A review of the novel ‘Awakenings’



“Nothing changes until people decide to do the things they must, in order to bring about peace.” - Shannon L. Alder


Awakenings’ is Mary D. Brooks’s fourth novel in the Intertwined Souls series of books. The story continues from where it was left off previously and we finally learn about Eva’s mystery shrouded past. The time spent in Larissa and Germany also turn out to be a major turning point in the lives of the novel’s protagonists. Because here they find closure from past nightmares and also catch a glimpse into a beautiful event in their future together.


Coming off what can only be described as a restrained storyline of book 3, ‘Awakenings’ is jam-packed with action and adventure. And thankfully it hasn’t forgotten to base it around a riveting narrative like the series is famous for. We are rushed straight into the grand mystery that was hinted about in the earlier book and it will come across as a bit of shock. That being said, the book retains the witty anecdotes and one-liners one is accustomed to from this series and it provides many light moments in the narrative. The prime focus this time around lies on the events leading up to the revelation of the big secret and how Eva deals with it. Eva’s past has always been shrouded in mystery and hasn’t found much mention in the previous books but here it’s explored in great detail. You should find answers to every question or doubt you may have had about Eva in the past.


Stella and Tessa were two characters that got introduced towards the end of the previous book and here they have a substantial role to play in the narrative. Their similarities with Eva and Zoe go beyond the blood relation they share with them and are sort of an appropriation of how Eva and Zoe would be like when they get older. A lot of other characters turn up in the form of Eva’s extended family and friends who all provide crucial input to solving the riddle that was Eva up until now. This novel also sees the entry of two characters in the form of Eva’s uncle Dieter and Grandmother Beatriz, the dreaded duo who have often remained in the shadows of the previous book’s narrative. Their entry and subsequent high octane dramatic scenes provides Zoe and Eva with some long overdue closure.


‘Awakenings’ has a fluidic narrative that utilizes some finely written dialogue pieces to raise questions and answer them to move the story forward effortlessly. Even though the story this time comprises of a lot of background information and key plot points, it’s still an effortless read and the kind of book that makes you want to explore the other books in the series as well. Eva and Zoe continue to be these wonderful characters that we’ve grown to love and they provide us with plenty of moments to cheer them.


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