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True Redemption – A review of the novel ‘Last Things’

“There's no need to talk about it, because the truth of what one says lies in what one does.” - Bernhard Schlink

Author Betta Ferrendelli’s novel ‘Last Things’ is a sensitive and poetic take on friendships and life connections. There isn’t a “Hero” in the book; it tells the story of two women from different walks of life who meet each other in a most unexpected way and form a life altering bond of friendship. Bridgette is a newly single woman whose life is in complete disarray and who is on the run to escape facing the harsh realities of life. Alexis is a single mother who has locked eyes with trouble in life and come out on top. Alexis is the future persona of the self that Bridgette aspires to be. They get together and thus begin a special relationship in which new life lessons are learned and obsolete ones forgotten. This is their story.

Ferrendelli has written the character of Bridgette in such a way that you can’t help but identify and then empathize with her life situations. Emotional scaring due to an incident at work, manipulated into undergoing a medical procedure and then realizing all of it were for nothing. Life isn’t easy for her and you wonder – when will this poor girl get out of this ditch? It happens soon and quite literally too after she gets into an accident and the goodwill of strangers come to her rescue. Alexis is the antithesis of Bridgette, she took a different path when life presented her with the same choices. So you get to see this wonderful contrast between the two characters and you can see the gradual changes happening in Bridgette as she spends more time with Alexis, her daughter Eden and around other supporting characters.

For a casual reader there is plenty to look forward to. Expect to be taken on an emotional journey as these two characters discover life together. It is a positive book which extols us to treat each day as a gift and an opportunity to do some good in the world and bring a smile to a stranger’s face.

There’s so much to love about the book, especially its simplicity. But this can also be argued as one of the book’s weak links, where sometimes it just feels all too simplistic how everything turns out in these characters’ lives; plus it could have been shorter by a few pages.

The grief in the book is brilliantly handled and the characters come to terms with the loses in an organic way. The angle with the small girl will get to you and so be prepared to have some tissues nearby.

Overall I felt the story was beautifully written and well paced. I very much felt like I became a part of their world and you get emotional with them and it stays with you long after you have finished the book.

I highly recommend you read this, it is a wonderful little novel.


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