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Q & A with Patty Lesser author of – The Perfect Hand


Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author Patty Lesser and got her to talk a little about her latest novel The Perfect Hand. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.


Kevin Peter: How are you Patty. Everything good?


Patty Lesser: Everything is great thanks, Kevin. I’m happy to finally publish The Perfect Hand. I started it a number of years ago. Also have a new website. Check it out and let me know what you think. www.pattylesser.com


KP: Let’s talk about your latest book. What’s it about?


PL: It’s about 5 poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy by a religious fanatic attempting to take over the USA.


KP: Why Poker though? Any particular reason why you chose this card game?


PL: I love poker and always wanted to write a book about poker. But I’m no high stakes poker player with tons of big wins. So I decided to base a novel around my favourite game.


KP: Do you play Poker? Are you good at it? And is it as addictive as people claim it to be?


PL: I play the $7.50 tournament at Pokerstars almost every day. I’ve been playing at this site since 2005. Yes, it is addicting. Hard not to jump into another tournament when you lose out of one. I’m good at times but I’m not very lucky. But I have made some money over the years.


KP: How do you keep coming up with new storyline for books? What keeps you going?


PL: I can’t put a finger on that one. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas. I let the idea roll around in my head for a while and decide whether it would make a good story. My next novel should be published by March and it’s a mystery, a genre I haven’t tackled before but I love the challenge.


KP: Favorite character/s from the book?


PL: They all are my favourite. Since they are totally fictitious, they are all me and how I would be if I were them. I enjoy developing people who are everything I want them to be.


KP: Are the 5 buddies in the book based on anyone you know personally or are they pure fictional creation?


PL: The men are pure fiction but some of the ideas for the first chapter came from a friend who has been playing with 4 other guys every week since university. I don’t know any of the men and the friend is not one of my characters but the ideas came from him.


KP: Was it hard work giving equal plot presence to all the five protagonists of the novel?


PL: No, not at all. They come alive in my mind and then I just write it down. It comes naturally.


KP: Do you think world societies should place more importance on science and scientific temperament over faith and religion?


PL: Yes, I do. Most of my characters are atheist and believe science is the way forward. I’m not very academic so I can’t say I’m a follower of science but I think it is the way to go. Nothing wrong with faith and religion as long as you keep it to yourself and don’t impose your beliefs on someone else.


KP: Can a Utopia exist or come into existence in our world?


PL: No, I don’t believe utopia is possible but I like to write about it. All my books have that common theme of a utopian society. My novels always have happy endings because I’m a happy person and I love to see people succeed.


KP: Who all have most influenced you as a writer?


PL: Authors such as Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Ayn Rand and Alexandre Dumas.


KP: Would you be interested in turning any novel into a series or are you more comfortable with standalone novels?


PL: I know everyone is writing series these days and becoming successful. My novel That Truthful Place will have a sequel but I’m working on another novel at the moment. I find it difficult writing series because I always have fresh ideas. Once I’ve finished a novel, it’s over and I’m ready to move on.


KP: How do you think the internet has helped today’s authors compared to a generation earlier?


PL: Yes, technology helps so much. It’s easier to get known through the internet. Easier to get the word out. People are going to Amazon more than to a bookstore. Also there are so many sites to aid in gaining popularity.


KP: A compliment for your writing that has stayed with you?


PL: I’ve had a few but yours was one of the best when you wrote in an email, “Just keep doing what you're good at Patty. Sooner or later someone's bound to take notice of this talent.”


KP: What’s the next book and when does it come out?


PL: The next one is Devouring Time, a mystery, about an historic Canadian family embroiled in the art world. They await the delivery of a mysterious package from their ancestors in England. It will be published in March.


KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time Patty Lesser and all the very best for your book.


PL: Thanks Kevin. I always enjoy your interviews.


Connect with her - http://www.pattylesser.com/


Buy From - http://www.amazon.com/dp/1517482909/ref=rdr_ext_tmb