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Q & A with Imowen Lodestone


Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author Imowen Lodestone and got him to talk a little about his book Seasons of Pain. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.


Kevin Peter: Tell us something about yourself and what you do.


Imowen Lodestone: Well I am a happy horror writer and happy I have a series to work on.

What I do is work on my craft (writing) any chance I get.


KP: What’s your writing schedule like?


IL:  I prefer to write in the morning after I work, and stop writing around late afternoon.


KP: ‘Seasons of Pain’ – give the short take on it?


IL: The short take of Seasons of Pain is struggle(s). Conflicts that are upon us in the outside world and internal opposition(s) that we go through, we find out our strengths and weaknesses. To be clear I am building a strong bridge to people who can relate to Jesse's many conflicts she has in Seasons of Pain, such as family, supernatural kin and her lackluster love life. What I am doing with Seasons of Pain is getting readers to fill a bond with Jesse.


KP: What was the inspiration behind this book?


IL: Many inspirations such as nightmares to H.P. Lovecraft's work. In addition I got fed up with reading typical cliché horror, for example damsel in distress that becomes a hindrance to the group trying to escape a team of maniacs. Seasons of Pain I wanted to create a female none traditional protagonist. To clarify what I have made Jesse a rose that grew through solid concrete. Jesse has her mental scars that I have 'clearly' expressed in Seasons of Pain. On the flip side Jesse has courage, when I fight comes her way she doesn't back down. Furthermore Jesse will help out or protect those around her if need be. More so, Jesse's internal fortitude which is she stopped using her birthright ability. To keen people reading my answer they'll immediately see the strength in Jesse's choice in not practicing magic anymore.


KP: Tell us something about your main characters Jesse and Adalious?


IL: This is a very broad question here lol. To be specific I will break each character down for the readers who are reading this.


Jesse: Jesse is mentally exhausted, also sick and tired of the supernatural life. Jesse has been kicked out of her kuven and living the life of an exiled witch. In turn Jesse shows her will in giving up casting magic forever and live life as simple college woman.


Adalious: Now Adalious is complex Supernatural himself. What I have done with Adalious to make him special I made Adalious very intelligent, very wise and cleverer than Jesse. When you meet Adalious, he gives off settle darkness that makes him a mysterious person betwixt can Jesse really trust Adalious.


KP: How would you classify the genre you write in, as horror or dark fiction?


IL: I classify Seasons of Pain as horror because I explore the real essence of horror. Now look at that the broad definition of horror anything or situation that causes fight or flight response. To clarify my definition of horror Seasons of Pain, I show the reader many face of horror from 'great' to minimal fright situations. Here are some examples to be crystal clear on the previous sentence.


  1. When Jesse and Ashley are having their conversation in Jesse's apartment Ashley comes across Jesse's bill for her abortion. Ashley asks Jesse does Mark know about what the termination of the unborn child. Jesse shows flight response to Ashley's question.


  1. Jesse starts tearing herself up because she scared of telling Adalious she's a Witch. Jesse is afraid she will lose Adalious. As the story goes this fear pops up but expressed in different ways, such as Jesse thinks about it and Jesse says to Adalious, If you feel that we have to end this I will not be mad at you,'.


  1. How the characters react to monster they have never seen before. Here the reader gets to experience the fears of Supernaturals.


KP: Favorite authors? And have you ever consciously or subconsciously followed their writing style?


IL:  My favorite Authors are Poe, Lovecraft and Hemmingway. I learned a lot from all three great men; however I studied their writing style and perfected my own aggressive style of writing. To shed some light on this answer here's what I am talking about. From Lovecraft, I learned how to describe an indescribable creature. Poe, I learned how to utilize simple action behavior to show the reader the character is scared to death. Hemmingway taught me it's best to show the reader your characters emotions instead of telling the reader.


I put what I learned from them together and came up with my writing style.


KP: A compliment or an insult for your writing that has stayed with you?


IL: Compliments have stayed with me. For example the review I have from you guys, saying the horror aspect of my work is like macarb-ish, nightmare on Elm Street on steroids. I take that as the ultimate victory because I bombarded the reviewers' subconscious and he or she will be seeing my monsters in their dreams tonight. Furthermore compliments I get from my friends are, 'damn, you know how to f*** write! FYI I love some old school Freddy Krueger (Wes Craven).


KP: Favorite character from the book and why?


IL: When I was doing research for Seasons of Pain I needed something similar to the Psychics in my work. Fortunately I a friend of mine (Die hard star wars book fan.) lent me books (sith books) One character I really liked was Darth Malgus. Because Darth Malgus, even though he was physical brute he had a lover. The Sith brotherhood saw this as weakness, but it was absolute strength. When she died or killed, I can't remember he used that energy to give him an edge in combat. Here's why he took negative energy and made others feel his pain in every saber blow he dealt on his adversaries.


KP: Are any of the characters in your novel based on anyone you know in real life?


IL: Jesse is based off of three women. Adalious I created from head and fleshed him out my character template I made for myself.


KP: What according to you is supernatural? And do you believe that the stuff you write about exists or can exist?


IL:  Supernatural is someone doing no human can do with ease. Good example will be Bruce Lee. The feats that Bruce has done looks absolutely unreal but at the same time Bruce left teachings behind to show us how all of us can express the human body. In addition what makes a Supernatural to me is very close to what Bruce Lee did in his time. Bruce had a top notch mind over matter and determination to be the best, what I am saying is taking a teaching or becoming something powerful that sets you apart from the masses.


Do I believe the stuff I write about exists or not?


Actually I will say ninety five percent of the stuff I write about actually exist and is in play people! Psychics do exist and I am not talking about the useless fake talking to the dead phonies. I am talking about people on this planet that can move objects with their minds.


KP: How hard was it to get the world of witches and warlocks right? Did you have to research a lot to come up with the history and mythology of that world?


IL: The hardest thing to come up with Witches, Warlocks, is that I had to make them stand out because the market is flooded with books about Witches. What I did with Witches and Warlocks - I started with their similarities then fleshed out how different they are from each other. A good example Warlock has his arcane power 'but' Warlocks’ true nature is to dominate his Supernatural and mortal environment he lives in. In addition this is why Warlocks believe in balance through domination in both worlds.


Witches on the other hand, rule over mortals too. But Witches work with humans, protect them and at times use them for services; specifically mortals can go to places where Witches cannot ECT.


History: I did have to research alot to get a general amount of information to write Seasons of Pain. However I am still researching betwixt nailing the entire mythos of the Supernatural species. Let you in on a secret I have completed the codex of the Psychics. Codex of the Psychics explains their history in full detail, empires all the way to why they despise humans and look down on Warlocks and Witches.


KP: Are you working on anything at the moment and when can we expect it?


IL: I have completed Seasons of Pain 2 but it has to undergo the rounds of editing and final round of revision. I have completed the codex of Psychics. I am currently working on finishing the last short story of short stories I put together. Also I am going over Ashley's novella Witch Hunt. Also I will write book three. I have book three outlined and all that good stuff. Trust me more Seasons of Pain is coming.


KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time Imowen Lodestone and all the very best for your book.


IL:  Thank you.


Connect with him at – https://www.seasonsofpainseries.com/


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