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Press Release - Clues of Chaos




10 December 2015 | Norfolk, Virginia


MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the hit novel – Clues of Chaos


From the bestselling author of ‘The Return of the Ancient Ones’, ‘The Phoenix Rising’, ‘Advent of Darkness’, and ‘Talcon Star City’ comes a new legend of spell weaving wizards and dark-fantasy.


Gary Caplan’s new book ‘Clues of Chaos’ is set in an ancient continent known as Eidelon. The land of Megalos faces multiple threats to its citizens and property from numerous enemies. They unleash spell weavers and night crawlers upon the land to harm the people. A master wizard trying to uncover the murderer of a senator’s sister accidentally stumbles upon a plan of Chaos Warriors to attack his land. Faced with seemingly insurmountable danger on all fronts, he must ally with a mystic Knight and a Shaman to thwart the advances of foes within their ranks and outside them.


Mixing very well two solid genres of fantasy and mystery, ‘Clues of Chaos’ has a storyline that offers plenty of unique characters and world building. It narrates the tale of Leozanthicus; a wizard who discovers a sinister attack plan by a ruthless group called the Chaos Warriors and has to partner up with likeminded and powerful allies to repel off this attack. Leo is a compassionate character who even though is generally grim and serious, cares for his compatriots. He does everything in a logical and level-headed manner. He’s that sort of a character you want to learn more about.


Praise for the book from a reader - “Gary Caplan has filled the narrative with only such information and back stories that is necessary for each individual scene. A lot of this is provided through dialogues and short expositions made by the author himself in the first half of the book. By the time we begin the second half, we gleefully go along with the narrative without questioning it.”


“It is an intense read of betrayal, deception, greed, and power, where the characters are defined not only by their role in combat but also by their personal history in connection to the plot line,” Gary told us when we interviewed him.


We spoke with a group of readers at a popular book forum about this novel and a member, Adam had this to say, "In terms of world building and characters with powers to weave magic spells, the book will remind you of popular video games, but it also has a realistic and gritty feel to it. Moreover the editing on the book was fantastic; I didn't notice any obvious spelling errors or formatting issues.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for Moterwriter.com said that each of the first few chapters introduces new people, people whose lives and stories become inextricably tied together as the story progresses. “This story is filled with so many amazing characters, the world building, the plot, all of it was beautifully written and woven into each other.”


About the author:


Gary Caplan was born in Philadelphia and earned three bachelor's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, later earning M.D. and M.P.H. degrees. He serves as a lieutenant colonel and preventive medicine officer in the reserves and has published articles in medical journals. Caplan became interested in reading science fiction and fantasy books as a young man and, after practicing medicine for several years, began to write his own fiction. At first strictly a hobby, his writing flourished and he decided to publish both a science fiction and sword and sorcery novels in his spare time.


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