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Q & A with JL Snyder author of the novel Battle Cry 2



Kevin Peter of Moterwriter.com caught up with author JL Snyder and got him to talk a little about his new novel, Battle Cry 2. This is what transpired in the tête-à-tête with the author.



Kevin Peter: Battle Cry 2, the sequel to Battle Cry has just released. First up, how do you feel?

JL Snyder: I feel great! I just recently released my second book. It’s awesome.

KP: Was it easier the second time around or did all the expectations make the process harder?

JS: It never gets any easier. If it did I would be worried. I enjoy the challenges, they make me a better writer.

KP: So what’s the story here?

JS: Well, with the first part of her journey and training now behind her, Kaí-Ling is ready to face her destiny. For as long as she can remember, she has trained for this very moment. With the knowledge and skills she acquired, Kaí-Ling is ready to face all the challenges that lie ahead. But, will she be able to quench her thirst for vengeance?

KP: Kai-Ling has a niche group of admirers. What can they look forward to in this book?

JS: This is her moment of truth. She is ready to seek retribution for her father’s death. In “Battle Cry 2 Shadow of the Sword,” Kaí-Ling’s warrior skills are on full display. However, the road to redemption is paved with more than she bargained for both physically and mentally.

KP: Is there a method to the way you approach the action scenes in the book or are they just another scene for you?

JS: Action scenes are fun to write. I try to be very descriptive so that the reader can visualize every movement taking place. When I watch action movies or read graphic novels and manga I pay close attention to the fight scenes and action that takes place. This helps me to visualize the action scenes I create and illustrate them with words.

KP: Do you share your early drafts with someone for insights or is the manuscript a sacred document that ought to be shared only after you are fully done with it?

JS: I have a group of people I share my drafts with. They are very helpful and brutally honest in their opinions, insights and feedback.

KP: I imagine you have a fascination for Japanese culture, especially the Katana wielding Samurai warriors. Where does this stem from?

JS: I am a huge fan of Japanese historic culture. Samurai have always fascinated me. The discipline, dedication, skill and loyalty they needed to excel as warriors is something I greatly admire.

Japanese anime and manga have also greatly influenced my style of writing and artwork.

KP: Do you have more adventure stories planned for Kai-Ling?

JS: For now this is the end of the story. However, I have written a short story that takes place after the end of the first book. It is a side story about a minor character, a fan favorite, named Joohee.

KP: Tell us something about yourself that only you would know.

JS: I love to cook. My dream is to one day own a food truck.

KP: What’s the best reaction you received from a reader who loved Battle Cry?

JS: A librarian from one of the schools that uses my book “Battle Cry” as an in class book study, once told me about a student that was so excited about reading it. He couldn’t wait until the class finished reading the book, so he rushed to the library to check out a copy to read on his own. The enjoyment that student got from reading my book left me speechless.

KP: How do you deal with rejection?

JS:  It’s not easy. No one likes to be rejected in anything that they do. As a writer you must realize it is a harsh reality that you may encounter. Rejection letters from agents and publishers are part of the process that most all writers deal with.

KP: Do you approach your writing like a proper day job or are there specific hours when the creative bulbs shine the brightest?

JS: I like writing early in the morning. Mornings are when my mind is fresh and clear.

KP: How critical are you of your own work?

JS: Like most people, I am critical of my work. I always give 110% in what ever I do. Whether it be my writing, artwork or cooking; I always give it my best effort.

KP: Are there other books in the pipeline?

JS:  Yes, I am currently working on a crime series. I’m a huge fan of 1970’s cop shows. This series is influenced by many of the shows from that era. It will also include artwork like the “Battle Cry” series. In fact, this story will be heavily driven by the art, as well as the narration.

Also, I just finished writing a Children's picture book that I would like to make into a series as well.

KP: And lastly, thank you for parting with your valuable time JL Snyder and all the very best for your book.

JS: Thank you Kevin. It is truly an honor to talk with you and share a little bit about myself and my books.



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