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Ascendancy – A review of the book ‘The No-Drama Manager’

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.” - John C. Maxwell


Eldon N Spady’s book ‘The No-Drama Manager’ is a handy guidebook to managers everywhere and those aspiring to step into supervisory and leadership roles. It’s a book which a rookie manager can use to take on a challenging managerial role, and it can be used by veteran managers as well to iron out the chinks in their management style. It’s designed to offer the simplest of solutions to even the complex problems that you are likely to face in the company during your tenure.


The author states in his book that he has years of experience working at various managerial positions (as a general manager, executive vice president and president, each of which were the top spots in different companies). He also mentions that in his long career he often was hired to step into companies that were facing various managerial and financial troubles and his no-nonsense approach to management helped turn around the fortunes of these firms. This is a mighty big claim for anyone to make but when you go over his management ‘mantra’, you feel anyone with the right guidance, especially the kind that’s offered in this book should be able to replicate it with great success.


Written in a simple and easy to understand language, the author covers a wide range of topics that are bound to help a person in a managerial position. The topics covered are arranged in chronological order giving top billing to issues that you as a manager must first look into and then progressing to issues that are most likely to crop up at the new work place. But for an experienced manager simply looking to update or improve their management style, they needn’t read the book cover to cover and can choose to read specific chapters instead. All chapters have intriguing titles and are filled with examples and little anecdotes from the author’s long professional career to further augment the topic covered in a particular chapter.


The topics covered include the various small but significant deeds that a person aspiring to be a good manager can do. These include understanding that being a manager doesn’t mean bossing people around and how to be firm without being authoritarian. Other personal touches that you as a manager can use include being honest - not to run away from your mistakes, and having the humility and good sense to applaud the good work in others. The author says that as a manager you must also be a good listener, which will help you better understand your employees and firm, and help you anticipate future problems. He also says that a process should be initiated wherein management decisions are shared freely among employees instead of them finding out about it through gossip and outside sources. Other significant topics include motivating employees, creating a sense of team unity, how to hire and fire properly and dealing with a diverse workforce.


People working in a corporate set-up and those aspiring for a managerial position should benefit immensely from this book.


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Print Length: 168 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 17, 2012)

ISBN – 10: 1470007223

ISBN - 13: 978-1470007225


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