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Press Release - Lensfogger’s Best




14 August 2015 | Albuquerque, New Mexico

MOTERWRITER.COM reviews the latest hit book – Lensfogger’s Best

A collection of essays in which the author burns the line between realism and magical fantasy.


Author Roger Blake’s ‘Lensfogger’s Best’ is a collection of anecdotes, allegories and short stories centered around a fictional character. The author has created a superhero character in Dodger Lensfogger whose super powers go beyond the ones you will find in comic books and films. He is a photojournalist who tracks and reports various stories and phenomenon that fascinate and humor us – and more importantly make us think. And staying true to his job title, Lensfogger has attached an array of photographs that are abstract, hip and ironic to accompany the texts.


The author presents a superhero as the protagonist of his stories. It needed a superhero because of the diverse nature of stories and essays the author has chosen to present in this book and a mere mortal could never be expected to exist in the diverse realms and realities our hero exists in. Despite being painfully naïve, Dodger Lensfogger is a superhero whose physical prowess and courage to accept his destiny with open arms lets him experience a series of adventures in an amazing journey called life. Lensfogger’s adventures aren’t merely a catalogue to exotic adventures but to the grand adventure that is life itself.


Although Dodger’s exciting adventures have him talking to cows and mountain lions and running a big corporation, escaping assassins and falling in love, the real adventure is about him going out and interacting with the diverse nature of life itself. The message the book wants to send out is, not to be afraid to challenge yourself by opening your minds to different people, cultures and even different lines of thinking. Often we fall prey to a stagnant way of existence and get stuck in our traditions then we fail to see the beauty that’s right before our eyes.


“Compiled over a number of years, I wanted these stories to be funny, captivating, and inspirational”, Roger Blake told us when we spoke to him in connection with the book’s promotion. We spoke with some members at a popular online book forum about the book and a member, Cindy said "Effortless is the word I keep coming back to when talking about Lensfogger, it was simplistic and yet profound with its funny and heartfelt themes.” Kevin Peter who reviewed the book for Moterwriter.com said that the book’s collection of essays was both original and refreshing at the same time. “The author’s imagination gives all the stories a languid setting and the accompanying texts and photographs arouse an interest in us that stays on even after the last page is turned. It’s more than a metaphor and much more than a fairytale.”


About the author:


Roger Blake’s careers have included flying in the Navy, commercial real estate and truck driving – all interspersed with periods when he dropped out to survive doing other things – like being a waiter, jeep tour driver, cabbie, bartender, inn keeper, gallery owner, car salesman, photographer and artist.


“None of my many, many jobs ever compare to the passion and fulfillment that I receive from art and writing.My life has been a pursuit of creativity wherever I could find it. Another apt description would be ‘a tattered masterpiece of jobs and careers that should have worked but never did.’ The earliest of these stories, How the World I Saved, was started over 35 years ago in 1988. I remember typing away on my word processor in the converted loft of an old railroad depot. Dust would shake off the rafters covering me and my work every time a train rumbled through. Some stories were conceived in the sleeping compartments of semi-trucks as I crisscrossed the country during the late 1990s through 2005.” Connect with him at –http://www.lensfogger.com/


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